1) Computational Modeling Analysis


1. CFD analysis in archtectural engineering/MEP/HVAC applications
2. Fire/Smoke simulations usimg FDS (Fire Dynamic Simulator)
3. Multi-zonal modeling analysis using CONTAM
4. Two-zone modeling analysis for fire/smoke analysis using CFAST

Click here for selected modeling examples

2) Code Studies and Seminars


Investigation on any thermal-fluid related subjects
Code studies

Flonomix have offered seminars on following issues at numerous conferences and companies:
On “Air flow simulation for better HVAC/IAQ systems”
On “How to use Psychromeric Chart for HVAC system analysis”
On “Fire/Smoke progress analysis using a CFD simulation"
On “Thermal Displacement Ventilation
On “Natural Ventilation

Thermal Displacement Ventilation presentation material...


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